Motor Car Centenary Bursary Award 2011

China is the world's leading luxury goods market. With the boom of the economy, the number of millionaires in China is growing tremendously. Lots of the millionaires tend to challenge themselves by doing extreme sports like mountaineering, sailing, etc. They pursue the value of timeless self-developing, responsibly healthy, and good karma.
Rolls Royce is a luxury brand with long history, great quality and priority services. This project is to design a future Rolls Royce luxury car for the new generation of Chinese millionaires.

Human beings have spent great endeavor take use of wind in land just like sailing for a long time. China is a country with great potential in clean energies, especially the growing of wind farms. Now with the development of Intelligent Grid, wind-powered electricity becomes much easier to organize, distribute and recycle.
Rolls Royce Aeolus is inspired from sailing yacht and the classic Rolls Royce aesthetic proportion.

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