Buick 2025 A-class Concept: GM PATAC Advance Design Studio Internship

Based on researches about China city development, cities in China will be developed into urban agglomerations or massive cities in the next ten to fifteen years, mainly from areas like Beijing and Tianjin, Shanghai and Najing surroundings. The high speed trains will be the most popular transportation between cities. In this scenario, people tend to choose to live in satelite cities while having a job at downtown.

This concept is mainly focused on the younger groups who will be 25-35 by then. With the expanding of cities and changing of careers, those young generation will be under great pressure. Being the first generation of China’s “One-Child” policy, they have a really special psychological condition from those who grow up with siblings, hence emotional communication with parents and friends is more important than ever. 

With social network or LBS (Location Based Service) like Facebook and Foursquare becoming part of people’s daily life, especially of the younger genaration, they tend to like sharing their feelings with others, intending to get positive feedbacks or virtual accomplishment. 

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